A Response to Fr. Chazal’s Antisedevacantist Rhetoric by Gregorius

This is all the so-called “Resistance” is worth. It’s an internal fight of the same theological position about secondary issues. The main issue was and remains: is the Conciliar Church the Catholic Church? If yes, then submission to the Conciliar Pope is a matter of salvation. If not, then Bergoglio and his predecessors of unhappy memory should be regarded as usurpers stripped of any and all authority over Catholics.

I strongly recommend this article by the always excellent Gregorius.

Pelagius Asturiensis


You Can’t Have It „Your Way”:
A Response to Fr. Chazal’s Arguments against Sedevacantism
in his Dec. 8 Letter to „Fr.” Paul Kramer

by Gregorius

Fr chazal_med-3At the end of November 2013, the well-known traditionalist Novus Ordo priest Rev. Paul Kramer, editor of the popular book The Devil’s Final Battle, declared publicly that Francis could not possibly be the Pope of the Catholic Church and that the Holy See was vacant. As Kramer had hitherto been loosely affiliated with the Fatima Center, The Remnant, and Catholic Family News and had joined their well-known opposition to sedevacantism, this announcement came as quite a surprise to many. Shortly thereafter, however, Kramer began to say that even though Francis was not a true Pope, he was convinced that Benedict XVI’s resignation on Feb. 28, 2013, was invalid and that Benedict was still reigning as the true Pope. (We gave this novel position the label „Resignationism.”) You can read both of our reports on the Rev. Kramer conversion here: Czytaj dalej